Monday, September 09, 2013

Oh Gogh on Now

I'm not much of an art aficionado.  As in life as well as art, and the intermingling; I just know what appears pleasing to my senses.  Art in it's many forms is subjective right?  My daughter is gifted artist(sketching and Anime) while I myself cannot draw a stick figure.  Ah well, I came across this article and because it pertains to my favorite artists of all time I will share it with my Cyber friends.  It seems that a Van Gogh painting has been found in someone's attic.  Such a find would blow the Antiques Road Show cast right out of their antiquary socks.  I guess I love Van Gogh's paintings because chaos and serenity exists in the same place. Both well define and never crossing imaginary boundaries set by the artist.  I imagine his art reflected the state of his thoughts; of his mind.  Anyway, here's the article

My favorite Van Gogh.

Here's my daughter's latest...I'm so proud. She doesn't draw from reference either.

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