Thursday, September 05, 2013

Hope for the Sun to Shine

It won't be like this forever...
I kept telling myself that no matter how rough things got,
They would not stay like this forever.
No matter how vulnerable and alone I felt; there would be
kink in the chain that would lead to it's breaking.
And once again the sun would shine and I would be released.

I can hear them screaming from the next room.  She's giving him
an ultimatum and he's not hearing her.  He doesn't listen to her, she doesn't
listen to him.  They go around and around and then he leaves her crying in
the bed. They've done this a lot lately. 
This time it's different, this time he won't come back, and she
won't beg him either.  It's final, I know it.
People think kids don't know things, but we do.

Now I take care of her, she seems so weak and frail, not like she was before.
I feel like I'm the grown up.  I get myself ready for school and sometimes I
fix her breakfast.  We have no money for heating oil, no money for food sometimes.
Sometimes I don't think the world is fair; sometimes...

Now listen to me, 5 year old me.  It won't be like this forever.  You'll smile
again, I promise.  Night comes for a little while and in the morning the sun will come.
People helped us, the people who love us. When you have someone who loves you,
you have hope.  And when you have hope, the sun comes.  God loves his children,
and  because of his love, all God's children have hope.

This post was written in response to Compassion International's Blog Month.


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