Thursday, November 21, 2013

If a Blog Post Falls in the Forest..

If words are written on a page and no one's there to read them, do they still have the same meaning as they would if they had an audience?  I suppose they would have meaning to the writer; some cathartic characteristic, but other than that, nothing. I go for vast expanses of time before writing in my lonesome little blog because some times I think, "What's the use, not a lot of people read them, so what impact do they have?" I listened to a comedian singing a song once and he sang that his teacher would tell him to, "Write it on paper and save it for later."  Good advice for never missing the time when your muses are gently whispering in your ear.  As a result of this tidbit of useful advice, I have little snippets of what I consider to be absolute brilliance; if only in my mind, floating around my house.  lol  Yes, I know I can put thoughts on my tablet/phone, speak it into existence, but there's something about pen to paper.  Or, maybe I'm just so old-school that I can't be changed.

I cleaned up my bedroom the other day, I mean a thorough scrub down, drawers and everything.  Impressed?  I know, right?  lol  But I digress, I found little bits and pieces of poems, songs,  and two or three pages of a story I started, but never finished.  I'm such a lazy, procrastinating writer. I'm so enamored with the idea of writing, for the cathartic effect; yet I never follow it through to completion.  And so my dear cyber friends although it seems like I'm rambling like a honeysuckle bush on a country road, I'm actually running through my thought process.  Yeah, it's as good of an excuse as any.  lol

There are however; times I feel so strongly about the need to say something, write it down, and share it with others that I'm almost obsessed with getting it out.  I watched a PBS special the other day; yes sometimes I can and do learn. I was watching a documentary on the state of Parrots and the rippling ramifications of ecosystems, bird breeding, bird ownership and adoptive support for the birds.  It was a real eye opener.  In the documentary, topics like bird self-mutilation were addressed.  Parrots in the wild are very social animals and when they're neglected by their owners, they actually start to mutilate themselves in an effort to self soothe.  In the wild they would find a mate and the pair would stay together for the rest of their lives, and rarely be apart. I've posted the link here if you'd like to watch.  Well, I guess I've done enough rambling for one post so I will bid you a found farewell.  Until we meet again around the same blogosphere, bye.


p.s.  This one's for the birds.

We are starting to stand on our own now.
We are learning to fight somehow.
We can't go back to the place we were before;
no windows and no doors.
We want to be free.
We need to be free.
We ought to be free.

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