Sunday, March 23, 2014

Retrospect, Introspect, Intellect, It's Still Rock-n-Roll to Me.

Don't you hate it when people start off a sentence with the words, "they say"? The person listening automatically assumes the speaker is going to fling some extraneous wisdom at them. Anyway; "they say", that hind sight  has 20/20 vision.  Looking over my shoulder at the traveled path behind me has provided me with some introspect.  I have found that I like saying things. I mean having a platform in which to say things, such as writing. Even though I'm not proficient at it,  I still like telling stories, mostly short ones, in the form poems, songs etc... On that note, here's a poem, a song without a chorus...I don't know, something I wrote. 

Righteous Garden

Did I pour out the rain on your righteous garden?
You assigned the blame but will you grant me pardon?
And I never thought I would see this day.
 I never thought it would be this way.
Nothing left for me to say in the silence.

When reckless tongues would faithful hearts,
and everything is torn apart...unraveled;
I hope that you would understand that I am so much
more than I am.

Does it matter?

The blue skies have gone away.
There's nothing left but ghostly gray.
Love crushed like petals on the ground
that once grew unblemished in a  righteous garden.


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