Tuesday, October 21, 2014

All My Blogging Friends Have Gone Social Media

My taste in music runs somewhat on the eclectic side, and with that being said, I like a little Honkytonk
song every now and then.  One of my favorites is All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down by Hank Williams Jr.   In the song Hank reminisces about the good old days when he and  his friends partied til dawn but since then, they have evolved into responsible people. Unlike his friends, I feel  my blogging friends(myself included) have settled into the speedy, condensed world of social media.  We've settled for writing short quips about our lives for a select few of our friends on Facebook; or relegating ourselves to 140 characters on Twitter.

It's all wonderful, this social media thing we've been exposed to, and granted blogging is considered a form of social media. Blogging differs in the fact that it offers the freedom to not have to change the word "You" to "U" or "too" to " 2" to get your point across It offers the freedom to completely fill the white screen with anything relevant or nonsensical you want; the ability to ramble to your little heart's content.

Why are we as a society so fascinated with everything "instant"?  If you can't catch someones attention with a six second video, a few sentences, or a picture, then you're dead in the social media water.  It's all become a bit busy and cluttered for me.  With this instant feedback,  a person could develop a narcissistic neurosis constantly checking their Facebook status or seeing if they have any mentions on Twitter, etc... Not that that's happened to me mind you.   I guess it all stems from the fact that we want to stay connected, but we feel as though we just don't have the time.

Still, it makes me wonder if we are so involved in interacting on the Internet that we've forgotten how to relate to each other in real-life.

Keep Calm
and uh...
Keep Calm,

Dope Quote of the Day:    "Time is what we want most, but what we use worst."   ~~William Penn~~

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